What is Happening on Planet Earth?



What is happening on planet earth?  We have been receiving huge amounts of light for a number of years into this physical reality that we are living in called earth.  Many are unaware that we are receiving huge amounts of light into our physical bodies and minds due to them living through their intellectual sides of their brains.  If one does not take the time to be in silence, one may not be able to feel the light that is coming into them.

From my own experience, if I am distracted, then I do not fully become aware of the light that is flowing into me.  Even if we are distracted or live in our heads, the light is affecting every human being on this planet, including animals and every part of earth.  This influx of light is affecting the collective consciousness of humanity, that is why we are seeing so much change happening on this planet during this period of time.

When you bring light into darkness, everything starts to become transparent within us and within everyone around us – there is no more hiding for anyone.  All of the past beliefs, emotions and experiences many have denied within them are coming up to be healed.  For many who are unaware of these energies of light coming into their realities, they seem to be losing their minds.  Sadly, if they only knew what was happening to them, then they could become more empowered to handle the volcano that is erupting within their consciousness….mainly the ego affect of old experiences.

With these huge amounts of light coming into the collective consciousness of humanity, we will witness the old world being dismantled (transformed into the new), which causes many to fear and act out.  That is why we are seeing souls like Donald Trump (masculine rigidity) being so divisive and extreme with his beliefs and why so many are attracted to him because they are afraid that they are losing the world that they have grown accustomed to.  Then on the other end of the spectrum, we have Pope Francis (feminine heart) who is bringing forth energies of breaking down the walls of separation and no longer seeing each other as the enemy.  With this feminine love of inclusion, Pope Francis is attracting many people to his teachings (channel of the Creator’s Love)  because he is speaking from the heart and not the ego mind.

There is only an enemy outside of ourselves if we believe that someone or something can hurt us. It all depends on what energetic frequency one is sending out from themselves into their lives.  Every thought, belief and emotion has a frequency to it, so we attract what we believe.  The challenge most of humanity has, is that they have no clue that this is the case and have no awareness of the beliefs that they are walking around with all of the time.  Life will become easier for the humans who are awake and aware and harder for the ones who are still asleep.

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