Waiting for a Feeling

Waiting for a feeling to make an action step towards manifesting something in your life.  Some experiences happened in my life just recently and I was reflecting on them realizing that if I had acted too soon or too late, these experiences would never have happened.

One of my headlights had burned out a number of weeks ago, which I discovered when a police officer pulled me over.  I kept getting to wait on replacing the headlight – I thought it was because my car was not going to last too long, but it may have been more about allowing the Universe to line things up for it to be fixed in a beautiful way.  It meant I could not be up on the mountain to enjoy the late evenings up there as I was worried about getting a ticket for not having it fixed.  I did eventually purchase a new bulb and the person at the auto store tried to fix it, but was hesitant to do so.

So, probably another week or so went by and got information from someone about possible people to help me and even stopped into an auto repair shop and was told it would be $90 for the first hour – I definitely felt a “no” about that more so because of limited funds.

Been living in Mount Shasta for the past 2 1/2 months and became a subscriber to a local community email list.  On this list I had first seen that a man who had broken his leg was looking for someone to help him with daily living – I felt that I was being called to be of service to help him to heal his leg, which I am happy to report he is out and about leading a retreat of 16 people – still not fully walking without crutches, but at times walking on both legs.

The crazy thing about this is that before this happened I had moved into a place and felt like there was mold in the bedroom as my nose got all stuffed up, which never happens to me.  So maybe this was all lined up this way so that I would have a need for a place to stay while helping him to heal?  I never did recover the $500 as they were not able to rent it out to anyone for the month and I could not prove that there was mold in the room unless I did a test.  I do have a belief that you can never really lose anything, as spiritually we are truly one with everything.

Getting back to the headlight and car being fixed.  So, there was a certain day and time that I felt to reach out on the community list asking if anyone knew of someone who would be able to help me fix my headlight.  I did offer a trade of healing or a small payment for fixing the light.  I received a number of suggestions of going to a certain auto store that tends to help people with replacing their headlight bulbs.  One lady even suggested youtube, which I did watch the video and it seemed to be quite easy to replace the bulb.

But, then I received this email from a lady who was visiting Mount Shasta for a 2 day seminar.  A friend of hers who lives in Mount Shasta saw my request on the community email list and forwarded it to her.  She wrote to me that her husband is an OLD retired mechanic and has nothing to do while she is in the seminar and is willing to take a look at it.

This very nice man shows up and easily replaces my headlight.  I then mention to him that one of my blinkers has been fast blinking for many years, so he takes a look at this and discovers that it is a bulb up front that needs to be replaced.  He goes with me to the auto shop where I purchase a new bulb and I decided to get another new bulb for the other headlight as he is open to replacing that one too.  Viola the blinker blinks normally after all of these years.  Then I ask him about my steering column as it has been lose for a number of years, where when the weather gets cold the key would sometimes get stuck in it.  Bless his soul as it took a while for him to screw in a screw that did not have any grooves on it as it took a certain tool to put it in place, but somehow with his determination he was able to get it to tighten.

A part of me feels that my mother’s soul had something to do with helping this to manifest for me as she had dealt with these things in my car for many years while she was alive.  She wanted me to be able to have all of these things fixed, but did not have the money to give to help me fix them.  Bless her soul as she drove around with me with a passenger window that has not worked in years, but then again she never did want her hair to be messed up with the wind.

I offered to take this kind, generous man out for coffee or lunch, but said he was happy to help me fix my car.  So, I felt inclined to share this with you the reader as if I had not waited to what I FELT in the moment, I may still had found someone to replace my headlight, but the other long-standing issues would not have been fixed.  After many years of trying to get use to the annoying fast blinker or lose steering column, I kind of feel like I have a new car at this moment.

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