Thank you Brian for completing my journey, from northern Sweden to Mount Shasta.  The light you conveyed during my healing session was profound.  You are such a gifted and humble person and servant of our common awakening.  I hope many will have the opportunity to take part in your loving communication of source energy.  You have my heartfelt recommendations 
Love Anita

Anita Westman

Northern Sweden

When I was at my low point. When I didn’t think healing was possible. I was in a place full of despair. I had one session with Brian and he was planning to do a follow up session, but I saw my doctor before that was planned and I ended up healing in that weeks time. It was quite amazing. 
Brian really is amazing. Thank you Brian, for being committed to doing the work that you do. I am eternally grateful.”

Tara Jasper

Sonoma, California

After being injured from a surgery that left me in intolerable pain and suffering, I was unable to walk for 18 months. I was at the lowest time of my life, feeling so alone, isolated and lost. After hearing about Brian from our community I felt guided to go see him.

Just being in his presence brought my vibration up exponentially. Such Purity in love emanates from his heart. Immediately the pain was gone and I could feel old issues leave my body mind and soul. A deep sense of peace, Hope and Faith were restored. I absolutely knew that my life had changed in that moment and I would be okay.  With this new feeling of Hope and Faith my perception expanded and keeps expanding bring more and more wholeness, bigger, brighter than ever before.  

Brian is a blinding white and gold Beacon of light! I cannot find all the words to express the benefits of having a healing with him other than I look forward to more healing sessions. I feel so blessed and grateful to have met him.  His ability, gifts and integrity are the highest purity and love for all.”  

May all beings benefit,


Mount ShastA, California

I just wanted to thank you for the healing session last week, and let you know what’s happened since.  It is very relaxing, like Reiki, but more powerful.  Your hands radiated with heat, and at times I felt the energy coming through you.  I had a renewed energy next day.  This past week I have felt calm and very connected.  I have had deeper meditations.  

Some of the prayers you said at the beginning have stayed with me.  I am so grateful for the healing session, as well as the spiritual guidance you have guidance me over the past year.”

Mary Beth Nowak

Sedona, Arizona

As a healer myself, I was delighted with the results of a powerful healing I received from Brian on my recent trip from Australia.  His open loving light sparked further growth in me, which has enabled me to better help others.

Many blessings & thanks Brian for sharing our gift.”

Sharon Bosworth

Gold Coast, Australia


The healing season I had with/through you was incredible.  The journey we took left me feeling so calm, so healthy and revived!  I was sick as could be with a kidney stone and all the opiates I’d been given for pain.  I felt displace, sluggish, out of touch and very unhealthy.  You asked me to receive for just one half hour.

Wow.  Yep, just WOW.

I was so relaxed, so calm and so present at the end of 30 minutes that I did not speak for most of the rest of the night.  I did not touch any electronics or engaged with anyone at all because I was floating!  First, I saw blues, lots of blues moving through my body, following every curve, every shape inside my skin.  I was literally electrifying in the most soothing way.  After a while the reds of the desert came and smelled the air, the sands, the cactus.  The heat of the desert warmed me.  Then we moved into the forest, the greens of the Heart Chakra surrounded me, and I was fully immersed.  When our session was ending, you yourself appeared, and held your hand out – our hearts were springing forward and into my space, heart after springy heart, as you beamed at me.

Since that healing, I’ve soared into new areas and adventures in my life.”

Thank you, Brian, thank you. xoxo



“If anyone is looking to have an energetic healing session, I’d like to recommend Brian.  This summer in N.Y. has been a difficult one, my husband’s mother had been very ill and recently passed away, and I hadn’t been able to get to the peaceful place I usually feel in Sedona, so I asked Brian if he could do a long distance session.

Wow!  I was not sure if it would be like a regular session, but it was.  I felt the energy that flows through him right away, then went into an almost sleep state and had some powerful visions.

It ended after an hour and I woke up right at that time and felt very much at peace today.  His sessions are very gentle and healing, and I always feel better afterwards.”

Mary Beth Nowak


Brian gave me one of the most incredible healings I ever experienced.  He steps out of the way and becomes a pure and perfect channel of God’s light and love to flow through him.

I came in emotionally distressed from a family crisis and left with a peaceful heart… grounded and centred.  I also suffer from fibromyalgia and insomnia, but had the best sleep that night in years.

Thank you again Brian… you are a living angel.”




I wanted to first say, thanks.  Your session really helped me.  I am feeling much better and I even made an “Intentions” notebook with a lot of things we talked about.”



Hello from San Diego,

I stopped by a few weeks ago, and you did some healing work on my foot that I had broken a few months back.  Just wanted to let you know that my foot is still pain free.  I used to be in pain every day, and I can do all the activities I like to do, now.”

What you did truly made a big difference – THANK YOU!

Love and light,”



I had a very different summer than what I was expecting. I had a bad fall in June and broke my leg. Spent a couple months resting and rehabbing. It was a big surrender. Easing my way back into guiding on the mountain now.

During my rebab, a man named Brian lived with me for six weeks, serving as a caretaker. In addition to being impeccable in that role, Brian is also a gifted energy healer and offered me healings twice a day. I think his healings are a big part of the reason my leg healed so quickly.”



Hi Brian,

Lovely, very profound sessions. 
We both felt very opened and nurtured.
You are so very welcome for the gratuity and the book. Enjoy, both!

Warm Blessings”



Brian is a amazing healer.  After combinations of injuries and chemical exposures, I knew my lungs had been affected, but couldn’t feel anything.
During the healing session, I could feel the burning, in both my intestines and in my lungs, which helped them to release and move out of my body.”





Brian Kilpatrick

Mt. Shasta, California

(928) 300-6848

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