Outer Life is a Projection of the Brain

Outer life is a projection of the brain. To me personally, I now view life as it is directly coming from one source of creation, which many will call God or Source, Buddah, Allah, Krishna, Brahman and the list goes on…..many individual life-streams of consciousness that is us and the whole world around us.

So go with me on this vision if you so will, seeing this whole world as one big gigantic head of the Creator/God.  Now look at our heads, what’s in them?  Well, it is the magical brain that encompasses two halves….one called the left brain and the other called the right brain.  Please forgive me if I get this incorrect, but I believe the right brain is the analytical and the left brain is the intuitive/creative.

Which you can then labeled them one being the feminine and the other being the masculine.  Most of humanity is probably still operating primarily from one side of the brain than the other and have difficulty seeing others’ point of views and experiences because that part of their brain is not awake per say.  To me this is why people in relationships are attracted usually to the parts of themselves that they have shut off, viola, one operates more from the masculine and the other from the feminine.

Then in all types of relationships, discord manifests because of not being able to experience what another experiences and both feel at times like “why don’t they understand what I am trying to tell them.”  One feels life and the other thinks life.  This can be a physical man feeling from his feminine, intuitive, creative side and a physical woman thinking from her masculine, analytical, discerning side.  Neither is right or wrong, but because of the division of the brains, peoples’ perception is a projection of how they see others and life in general.

So, if you contemplate life, you will noticed that most of everything has two sides or maybe many layers of those sides.  Take for example the duality matrix that we live in, which by the way is called the 3rd dimension.  And this duality matrix has programming of good/bad, right/wrong, black/white, good/evil, pretty/ugly, hot/cold, rich/poor, love/hate, negative/positive, feminine/masculine, democrat/republican, gay/straight, open/close, rigid/flexible and the list goes on.

This is because people are operating from one side of their brain or the other and this is why the outer world is divided in so many ways.  If one operates from the masculine side of the brain, then one usually sees oneself as separate from others and tends to put up fences saying “this is my space and this is yours,” i.e., this country is separate from all other countries…humans operating from this view tends to just look out for themselves and not see themselves in others.

Then there are humans who operate primarily from the feminine side of the brain.  These are individuals who feel what everyone feels and wants to just give and help others…constantly foregoing taking care of themselves .  They do not see themselves as separate and tend to give their power away, but are more so living life through their hearts.  They help to unify people vs. push them away….they are flexible vs. rigid in their beliefs.

Of course, humans are operating from different percentages of both sides of their brains, so the aforementioned is speaking about the extremes.  Then there are humans that are operating from a complete balance of the two halves of their brains and see all life experience as beautiful.  As this soul knows it is all the Creator in different forms and experiences, attempting to know itself….as just being empty space of light can get boring….a little side humor.

But, saying all of that, I need to back track a bit.  The brain is just a brain without consciousness it is nothing….it is like an interpreter of information, where our own individual souls or life-streams of consciousness flow into these physical human bodies (which are really not physical)….so it is the evolution of our soul who is projecting through different percentages of the left or right brain….and more importantly, it is all of the old programming that we received since we were babies.

Most prejudice is a learned behavior that has been passed down from generation to generation, along with who we should be when we become adults and if it is safe to trust others or not.  One either is taught to hate or to love, to fear or to be fearless.  But then again, this may not ring true completely as we are souls with many past lifetimes of experiences and it is very possible that we came into this lifetime with certain beliefs and experiences from previous lifetimes.

There are times when one can have very loving parents and this child will grow up to be completely different than their parents and vice versa….so then did this soul come in with frequencies of old emotions and experiences from a past lifetime?

What is happening on this planet is a pivotal shift of consciousness to a complete balance between the masculine and feminine – where there are no longer extremes, but neutrality, which equals inner peace.  This upcoming year and who knows how long, we may see an escalation of the extremes because it is all coming up from within every human being to be recognize, appreciated, healed and dissolved back into the pure light of the Creator, which is us.

So, if we want to see peace on this planet, everyone needs to cleanse and heal themselves of what is false….taking the attention off of the outer and looking within oneself as when you become balanced, the outer world does too!


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