My Heart is Feeling…..


My heart is feeling the presence of the One Infinite God of All – the intelligence, consciousness, existence who created this individual soul who is writing this now. It is a depth of love and comfort – with the feeling of a physical hand on my chest. More and more I keep letting go of trying to control the experiences of every day human life.

But at the same moment, the mental mind wants to distract me with issues of some physical challenges I am going through at this time. It is that part of me who has worried so many times over the years, which could probably circle the earth a trillion times. This I know is a common thing among many humans, so I do not feel alone in this daunting task, of quieting that part of me who just doesn’t fully trust that we are already one with God.

In reality, maybe not our human reality, there is nothing for us to be worried about as we are all eternal beings of the light, consciousness, love of the Creator. Even if we were to die, which we all eventually do, it is never the end of our existence.

I know as the human “I” moves forward that the life I experience will only get easier with much grace of the Divine Heart of Love. The more I let go of the steering wheel of this human vehicle, I will be able to sit back and enjoy the ride with no more worries. What it all really comes down to is our perception – there are many levels of consciousness and as you keep raising yours, you start to see life as beautiful no matter what is happening in your life.

Surrender is sweet, but the pathway can be bitter at times, due to how our human ego reacts to the circumstances of our lives.

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