Mount Shasta Ascension Portal Experience



Almost two weeks ago I had one of the most powerful experiences of a download of higher cosmic light pouring into my physical body.  A very good friend was visiting me in Mount Shasta and felt guided to take her to a very special place on the mountain.  Earlier that morning, I met a woman who said she was getting that I needed to go up on the mountain, which confirmed what I was feeling.

So we hiked off the main road in about a foot of snow and my friend was expressing concern if she would be able to handle the hike or not.  I let her know it was not a long distance hike, but wanted to honor what she felt as I could go to this place at anytime.  Afterwards, she admitted to me that she was going to tell me she couldn’t go any further . . which we would of missed out on such a powerful experience.  Just goes to show that if we give up, we may miss out beautiful, empowering experiences that we could have.

As we approached the outer area of this powerful portal, I asked and prayed for us to be granted permission to enter, which we received the welcome to come forth.  I have been at this portal about five times over the past year and have experienced energy taking me deeply into my heart.

So the rock that I usually sit on was covered in snow, but felt inclined to climb up there anyway, knowing that I would be safe.  My friend stayed down below and as I was standing up on the rock with the sun shining on my face, I closed my eyes and focused on the breath.   I immediately started to feel energy entering the top and bottom of the body.  The mind was attempting to distract me by worrying if my friend was okay as I could hear her fidgeting and me standing on a round boulder covered in slippery snow.  I just kept concentrating on my breath and was able to let go of all worry.

The energy of light kept getting stronger and stronger with vibrations of it coming in from the sides of my body too.  Breathing was getting slower and it felt like I was going into a Kundalini state – sounds of bliss and ecstasy were coming out through my voice and at first was a little conscientious of this, but really let that concern go fast.

As I was being engulfed in this down pouring of cosmic light, I saw rays of green and golden light coming into me.  Tears of bliss and joy were running down my face and the mind/ego let go and had no thoughts – pure silence and such a depth of love I experienced.

I am not sure how long I was experiencing this and then came back to the present moment and slowly climbed down the rocks.  Words cannot express the depth of what I was feeling, except that I got down on the snow on my hands and knees and profusely expressed my gratitude for the gifts I had just received.  I felt so different than my human personality, more like my True Creator Self – this is a state of consciousness that I have been focusing on manifesting for a long time now.

There are many portals of light on the mountain and in other places on the earth, they help one to receive huge amounts of higher cosmic light to help one to raise one’s consciousness and completely surrender to the Divine True Essence of who we all really are.

Over the past several years, I have also come to realize that some trees act as portals of pure consciousness from dimensions starting from the 5th through the 8th.  They have helped me to get out of the mind and into the heart where one is able to feel life vs. think life – very powerful healers.



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