Mother Mary Came Alive


Mother Mary came alive in Mount Shasta at the Peace Garden for me.  It was a day that the ego/mind was a little busy and I walked up to her and asked her to make me into a flame of love.  With my eyes open, I started seeing the air turn into mists of white light and then felt a beam of love coming into my heart center.  I was excited to experience this as I had not seen through the illusion for some time.

As I stood there for about an hour or so, I started to see the statue become fluid of light/energy, all the while feeling so much love and peace.  I kept watching her face and several times, I started to see physical darker skin and real human eyes – such a breathtaking moment.

Now I understand and believe in the Mother Mary experiences all over the world.  The spirit of Mother Mary utilizes the physical statues as portals to come into and anchor her presence.

I did have her come into my physical body at home one time.  I was feeling all of this energy of love and then smelled a fragrance maybe of roses.  I was a little anxious as I did not know at first who this Presence was.  Afterwards, I asked two friends separately and they both came back with Mother Mary.

If you are feeling down and out, just call her forth and ask to be filled with love.  Some may feel her and others may see her in their third eye.  It is time for all of us on this planet to feel the love that we are!

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