Living in two different worlds


Living in two different worlds is not an easy task.  When I speak of these worlds, what I mean is our state of consciousness.  Most of humanity has been living in a 3rd dimensional reality where things appear solid and separate from one another.  The other being a higher dimension where your consciousness lives from a place of feeling free to be whomever you feel and you see yourself as one with everyone and everything….many will call this 5th dimension, however, there are many dimensions of consciousness.

Most of my human life has been living in the 3rd dimension until I started to awaken around 12 years ago.  My old life was filled with lots of fears, worries and sadness.  Back then, I did not know that I was an empath and was absorbing my families beliefs, fears, and emotions, along with friends and public places.  When you are an empath and have forgotten this, you will take on these energies as they are yours and then they are harder to release down the road.  So many are walking around with other peoples’ thought forms, beliefs and emotions and it wears you down.

I worked so many jobs doing things that were not in my heart and passion (there were jobs that I did enjoy).  Many of us are programmed to give up what we are really passionate about because we are told that it will not support us in our every day life.  This is an old belief that is being dismantled in the 3rd dimensional matrix.  It can be very scary for many, as one of the MAJOR fears of humanity is not having enough money to take care of oneself and their children, if they have them.

I have done much surrendering to the higher powers to be when it comes to receiving prosperity for my continue well-being.  Many have judged me because they think, why doesn’t he just get a full time job (I do have a part time job).  The reason is that my consciousness has shifted so much, that it does not feel right in my heart any more to do something that I am not feeling.  What feels true to me, is to BE the channel of healing light and spiritual guidance for others to assist them on their path.  Also, I know I am one of many here to anchor the most highest and purest frequency of the Creator’s light and love onto the planet to help humanity shift to a 5th dimensional state of consciousness….so BEing is enough to receive for any of us.

I have doubted myself in the past of the gifts that I bring forth through me, however, I can no longer do this as it is painful to my heart and soul.

We are ALL the Infinite Creator’s Light and Love….the Rays like the Sun, continuously shining brightly the light that we are!

Loving each and everyone of you and knowing that we can all shed the false selves for who we really are, which is God, Source, Light, Love, Buddah, Allah, Krishna, Vishnu and many more names all leading back to one source of infinite consciousness!

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