Life is……?

Photo on 2010-02-28 at 15.30


I once said the line to my mom “Life is…..?” and she responded back with “a bowl of cherries” and I said to her “what do you do with the pits?” and she said “you throw them out.”  Most of us have been programmed to just enjoy the cherries and to throw out the pits when we are finished;  without taking a moment and realizing that if it wasn’t for the pits, we would not have vast amounts of beautiful cherry trees producing a bountiful of fruit for us to enjoy.

Kind of like how most of us humans will view what happens in their lives….we will view the positive experiences as something to enjoy and the negative experiences as something to get rid of.  When in truth, if we take the time to contemplate a negative experience and ask “what is the gift in this?,” in time, this negative experience could evolve (grow) like the pit that is really a seed, into a more empowered way of living, producing a bountiful of new experiences for us to enjoy.

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