Letting go of masculine rigidity of the old world

We are in the midst of a heavy duty letting go of the masculine rigidity of the old world paradigm. Humanity has lived in the masculine energy of control, ownership, competition and separation for thousands of years. Now, the feminine energy is reawakening within us and in the world, bringing forth acceptance of others’ differences, communities of helping one another (especially the homeless), exclusive groups of race, culture, gender and sexual orientation opening their doors to others, and many following what they feel in their hearts vs. what their intellectual minds are telling them how to live.

I am personally feeling it strongly right now in my own life where I only want to do what I feel in my heart vs. following the old programming of working at a job, just so I can receive a paycheck to survive.  It really takes faith and trust to walk in the new world.

It is the heart energy of the Divine that I chose to BE at all times, but a part of my human ego seems to not want to allow this to occur completely.  When I was sleeping in my car a week ago, a tiny bug came flying in through the window and landed on its back against the dashboard.  Something told me to watch this little bug very closely, as its wings were flapping so fast trying to get back up, but then, I saw it let go of the control and it surrender to death. I intuitively knew that I was being gifted a message to let go completely of control. The next day, so much light (energy) came into me and in a rarity, with my eyes closed, I saw an image of Mother Earth within my heart and then Golden Rays of light with a White Dove flowing into my body. This energy that came into me, created feelings of so much joy, love and peace for hours.

The New Consciousness of the Feminine in balance with the Masculine, will elevate humanities frequency of Consciousness where people will start seeing everyone as special as they see their own families and friends and exclusion will be replaced with community. In Truth, we are all from the same Source of Creation, just like the rays of the Sun are not separate from the Sun or the petals of a flower or the branches and leaves of a tree; every part is equally special and contributes to the whole in its own way.

We are all like our own individual movie projectors. Our physical body and brain is the movie projector and the pure consciousness of the Creator is the light that flows into us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Based upon the thoughts, beliefs and emotions that we hold within our minds and body will decide what we project into our outer lives.  Every thought, belief and emotion has a certain frequency to it – they can be negative, positive or neutral.  Each of us, is constantly sending out frequencies that attract similar frequencies and viola our outer world is the movie that we are projecting from within ourselves.

So, it is very important to always look within, especially when things are not manifesting in our lives the way that we would like them to.  Take for example, one is passed over for a job promotion.  One could be sending out a frequency of low self-worth or it could be that one is thinking they want the promotion, but deep within their heart, they really want to be doing some other kind of occupation altogether.  Also, to become aware of when we are triggered emotionally by others’ behavior, as they are usually mirroring back something to us that we have not fully accepted and loved unconditionally about ourselves.

* I selected the photo for this writing as to me it represents the two extreme halves of the brain/mind – Feminine Intuitive (soft and flexible) and the Masculine (solid and rigid).  With the water representing the fluidity of Spirit.


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