In The Beginning There Was The Word



In the beginning there was the word and the world was created.  Well, this is the beginning of my stepping forward and expressing words of wisdom from the higher part of my true self.  I have been prompted to do this a long time ago, but self-judgement kept me from doing it.  Please excuse me if my paragraphs and punctuation may not be correct, but the only thing that matters is that I express what I feel from my heart and higher self and also helping another soul in some way.

I feel I was guided to selecting Expansiveness of Light because it is happening to me personally and of course to all of humanity and earth.  Many still are unaware that their human bodies and minds are being infused with extraordinary amounts of light….scientifically this can be seen with the high amounts of solar flares from our beautiful sun.  Where there was darkeness of so many areas of our lives and of society as a whole, people can no longer hide behind their shadow self (altered ego)….everything is becoming transparent and many are having a challening time dealing with what is coming up within them and their outer world.

It is a time of being able to see beyond the surface reality and be able to go deeper into everything and discover the beauty of life….it takes a shift of perception and one’s consciousness.

This feels good for now to bring my first post to completion – many will follow.

Bless you and your own personal spiritual journey called life.

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