Human Bodies are Vehicles for the Soul

Human bodies are vehicles that allow our souls to experience life on earth. Our souls are of pure infinite light and love of the Creator of all that there is.  We are individual light-streams of the Creator’s consciousness being projected into physical form…there is no separation between us.  So, the human body is a vehicle that gives us the opportunity to feel physical and separate from everything.

In some ways, the car that we drive is very similar to our human body and mind. We sit in our cars driving somewhere and our Soul sits in the human body walking or running somewhere. In the newer cars, a GPS is like our mind, it can be programmed to whatever directions of where we want to go; and our human mind can be programmed with whatever we want to manifest in our lives.

We take our cars in to be serviced at the mechanics and we take our human bodies to the doctors, dentists, energy healers, acupuncturists, chiropractors, naturopaths and gyms, so that they will stay healthy for a very long time. In order for our human bodies to operate properly, we need to drink plenty of fluids and eat healthy foods and with our cars, oil and gas to keep them running smoothly.

Just as some people get attached to their cars, many people are attached to how their bodies look. They identify with their looks, thinking that this is who they really are. The media and society have programmed us to believe that if we do not look a certain way that this dictates our inherent value, which is false.  All of the outer human appearances is an illusion to keep us distracted from discovering who we really are. This is why so many humans feel empty inside as they are too busy living on the surface of life.

Personally, I know both worlds, as when I was younger, I went to the gym often and became very muscular.  An attachment was formed as I started to get a lot of attention from others, which was a false fulfillment and a big distraction from who I really was.

Originally, what prompted me to write about this subject, was one of the most recent suicides of a young girl who felt trapped in a physical male body.  This soul must of felt more like a female than a male and wanted their parents to understand and support them in changing their physical vessel.  But, like many humans in their rigid thinking and beliefs, were unable to allow the love of their hearts to help their child in what they felt was right for them.

In my opinion, maybe these souls coming in nowadays are showing us all that the human body is just a vehicle and is not our true essence. Every one of us know what feels true or not true within our own hearts.

In regards to gender, all of us are both masculine and feminine.  Humans can  be more masculine than feminine and vice a versa, either in a man’s or woman’s body.  It is our soul that is the defining nature of who we really are, not our physical vessel.

Many humans usually feel either more masculine than feminine and vice a versa and tend to be attracted to a partner that has more of what they feel that they do not have within themselves, which is an illusion.  Every human in this earth experience is capable to find a complete balance of the masculine and feminine energies within themselves.

Overall, it is wise to take care of our physical bodies and minds as a sacred vessel; but to remember that it is the soul within us that will bring forth true fulfillment into our lives.

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