Heart is the Answer


Many of us have lived or live in the logical mind for direction and guidance in our lives, but this is not the answer as it is usually filled with old programming of fears, hurts, false beliefs and limitations.  Living from the heart is the answer.  It holds our True Divine Self (Soul) and a lot of the answers that so many of us are looking for.

Usually, we are so programmed to look upwards and outwards for our answers; believing the Creator of Existence is out there, but it lies within each of our Sacred Heart Centers.

It takes some effort for many of us to reprogram ourselves to feel the answers within our hearts vs. what our logical mind is telling us to do.  The reason why it can be so challenging, is because our altered egos are running on past energetic patterns from our childhood and what society says we should do or not do.

Nowadays, because the collective consciousness and the planet is rising to a higher frequency of light, everyone is being affected by this in some way. It can be viewed like a hurricane, on the outer parts of the storm, it is very chaotic and frightening with the wind tearing up everything in its path; however, in the eye of the hurricane everything is calm and peaceful. If one becomes in Divine alignment, then they will live in perfect balance within the all-seeing eye of the Creator, even if there is a storm all around them.

For those who are living from their minds and not their hearts, life will become more difficult. The collective consciousness of humanity operates from a matrix of beliefs, thought-forms and patterns of behavior and this matrix is being dismantled and replaced with one living from the heart. For thousands of years, the world has been living from the extreme side of the patriarchal energy of competition, control, rigidity of the egoic mind; and now, there is a birthing of the feminine, which is cooperation, community and living from the heart.

There is a treasure chest of riches lying within ourselves waiting to be opened and discovered. It is up to each and everyone of us to knock and ask to be shown the truth of who we really are.


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