Following Your Heart vs. Your Mind


Us as a collective race have been programmed by family, friends and society to listen to what our minds are telling us vs. what we are feeling in our hearts.  There is a great shift of consciousness happening on this beautiful planet of ours from living thousands of years in the masculine rigidity of control, competition and thinking ones life to the feminine energies of fluidity, flexibility, community and living from one’s heart.

This can be very challenging for many of us, as our ego minds will tell us it is irrational to follow what we feel in our hearts. The ego mind will come up with all excuses possible to not listen to your heart and soul.  Things like, “What will others think of me,” “How will I support myself,” “What happens if I fail,” and the ongoing thoughts of fear continue happening in our heads.

See the ego’s purpose is to keep us safe and has been programmed since we were children.  So, if we experienced trauma while growing up, then the fortitude of the ego will have built walls of steel around us to keep us safe.  If we had overprotective parents, then once again the ego will be programmed to be very cautious of taking chances in life….which probably will lead to a life of living through your mind vs. your heart.

It takes time to soften the ego mind to surrender it’s control over listening to your heart.  The ego can be like an abused animal where you have to slowly prove to it that it will not be hurt again.  In many ways, you need to be a parent to it, letting it know that all is okay and many of times telling it to take a break and be silent.  Some teach to destroy the ego, but in my experience this just causes more resistance than the surrender of it.  The more light of the consciousness of your higher self coming into your physical body will start to relax the control of the ego mind that it has over you.

Nowadays, as the energies of light increase in frequency, it will become harder and harder to live your life from your ego mind vs. what you feel in your heart.  The “should’s,” and “Have to’s,” are outdated energy patterns that are not part of the higher consciousness of living.  Many of your family and friends may judge you for not conforming to the old ways of living, but sometimes you are the wayshower to give others the permission to follow what they feel in their hearts also.

Being the “Fool” sometimes is being the wise one.


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