Everything is Coming Up to Be Healed

You are free

Everything is coming up to be healed.  Life for many feels like the world is coming apart.  However, from a higher perspective the world that we have grown accustomed to over hundreds of years is coming to an end.  The old cannot continue any longer without heavy consequences to those who are doing harm to themselves or others, either consciously or unconsciously.

Hatred, judgment, racism, wars, corporate greed, printing money when countries are already bankrupt, secretly poisoning of humanity with chemicals in food and water is coming up to the surface to be cleansed and healed. The masses who have been asleep for a long time, blindly believing what they have been programmed to believe, are starting to wake up to what has been happening behind closed doors, done by the very few who have been controlling the masses for a long time.

Our world is a reflection of humanity’s inner states of what we think, feel and how we behave in our own individual worlds.  It is the human ego that lives within all of us which causes the separation that we feel and experience in our lives.  Be prepared as we move forward to become triggered in your every day lives with your own personal issues and fears that are coming up to be healed.

It is about each and every one of us becoming responsible for our own personal thoughts, feelings and actions – to become aware of them and somehow come to terms with them, either through healing work and/or forgiveness of those parts of yourself that keep you in an energetic loop of inner analytical torture from the ego mind.

Personally, I have been very hard on myself for not stepping forward a lot sooner in being a channel for healing others and for not writing when I would receive so many messages to write.  Just recently I started to judge my grammar on this blog and felt a sense of discouragement, not wanting to continue to write.  But something just got ignited in me to write this posting and not care if it is beautifully written or not.  So many do not write because they were taught in school to be critical of how they write by both teachers and parents.

If one does not express what one is feeling inside, then that is when it starts to turn into physical disease.  So many who commit suicide either suddenly or over a long period of time with alcohol, drugs, foods, sex and other addictive behavior, kill themselves because they were afraid to express what they felt inside – the ultimate inner judge.

If most humans became aware that so many feel what they feel, then the inner judge would lose control and compassion would be birthed instead of self-hatred.

One of the reasons why men tend to die earlier than women is because they do not express what they feel.  Men have been taught that it is a weakness to express what they feel inside, which is not true.  It is the opposite, as it takes a lot of courage to express what you feel.  Most are afraid if they express what they feel, those that they love will no longer accept and love them.  Sometimes that will happen, however, if one loves oneself unconditionally, then one will be surrounded by others who love them the same.

So now is the time to step forward in your own personal lives and express what you truly feel inside through whatever constructive way feels good to you.  Smile at that judge within yourself and tell that part of you, that you are no longer playing along with the false beliefs that you are in some way defective, because you are not!  In truth, you are an individual life-stream of the Creator’s consciousness, love, light and are already whole and perfect just the way that you are.

From the higher realms of consciousness, there are really no mistakes in this life we live, only life experiences that lead us back to fully remembering that we are already one with the Creator.

When you are having a challenge in your lives or see the outer world in chaos, remember to be gentle with yourself and others, as compassion and unconditional love will heal yourself and the world.

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