Ego is the Separator



Ego is the separator of everyone. Ego is an energetic structure around every human body. It is the way our luminous light body (soul) can experience physical life – the way God can experience life through us.

What I have come to realize is that our ego is an energetic structure around our physical bodies – it is what makes up our mental and emotional subtle (energetic) bodies – it is a protector of us.

The ego structure allows our souls to experience life in an apparent separate physical body (I say apparent as our physical bodies are around 80% water, so how can they really be physical?) Also, with my experience of seeing everyone in a store that I use to work at, including physical walls, crystals, shelves turn into waves of light – no form, I realized that this is what is real and we are only programmed to see things as physical.

Up to age 2, a baby sees itself as one with the mother and father, including everything else. Then comes the terrible 2’s where the ego structure is turned on and we start to see ourselves as separate human beings. This is when the child starts to get attached to it’s toys and starts to experience ownership – we can see this with many adults who are very rigid in sharing their toys as they do not see themselves as one with others.

Based upon how we were treated as children, our ego structure will either be a fortress of thick walls or an open field with varying degrees in-between.

Making up this ego structure is first the mental subtle body, which contains all the beliefs we learned from our parents and society all around us. Then we have the emotional subtle body, which is closest to the physical body and holds all of the emotional experiences we had in the past. Now, I should mention that our souls do come in with experiences from previous lifetimes and this can affect our present lives too.

Every belief and every emotional experience is really an energetic frequency. And when someone comes into our physical realities with a similar frequency, they trigger a belief in our mental body, which then triggers an emotion. But we do not feel this emotion until it sends a energetic frequency up through our heart into our brains and viola we have an emotional reaction. The brain is a neutral station that can either produce an experience from the ego structure or one from our Higher True Self. The brain has gotten a bad rap from humans including myself. I have read that consciousness lies outside of the brain and never really understood how that could be possible til I had a aha moment of the ego structure being the mental and emotional bodies outside of our physical body.

So, it is only the ego structure that programs us to see each other as separate from one another (this is the illusion that we are all living in) – til we start to awaken and realize that we are all really one infinite intelligence of consciousness, which many will call God, even though there can be many different names, just like our human names.

This is why when you awaken to the truth of who we really are, it is a natural process of feeling the desire to let go of one’s attachments to the physical world as you realize this is not what will give you the freedom that you so deeply desire.

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