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  1. Joyce Mueller

    Congratulations, Khi, on the launch of your blog. This is an important milestone. I enjoyed your first post and look forward to the next.

    1. Expansiveness of Light

      Thank you, Joyce, I appreciate your support!

  2. Laura McKim

    I love reading your stories of evolution Khi. We have shared many similar issues.
    Thank you for sharing your insights!
    Yes, to finding the light and staying in the light! ~ Beautiful!

    Blessings, love & light, Laura

    1. Khi Kilpatrick

      Hi Laura,

      I am happy to hear you enjoyed reading what I have expressed!

      Peace and Blessings to you with lots of Divine Love and Inner Freedom!

  3. Amanda. Greene

    Hi Khi, my husband and I have just met you maybe an hour ago. Soon after we started speaking I could feel what you have to offer to the world. As we were walking down looking at the other shops. I felt overwhelming sad and wanted to hug you. It was amazing to meet such a beautiful person and recognise that in a very short time. In Missouri people are very still in the past in their ways… But I see a slight difference and an awakening approaching. I look forward to reading your blog. đŸ™‚

    1. Amanda. Greene

      When I said I felt overwhelming saddness it was because I don’t meet people like you often.. And my heart was happy to have met you and sad that as we were walking I knew it was getting farther away! Wanted to clear that up!

  4. C Jeanine Noegel

    Hello Brian, I believe you and I need to talk. We share something in particular that is very personal and you may be able to help me heal a wound. I believe I’ve been led to reach out to you, especially after reading your blog and recognizing so much of my self in you.
    Please contact me via email at your earliest convenience.
    I realize this is rather cryptic, but I cannot go into detail publicly. You will understand and appreciate this when we’ve talked

  5. Tony Mills

    Hello Khi,
    your tree portal video was shared on Facebook this morning, and I really enjoyed watching it (and yes, I left a comment as well!) Now I’ve been reading you blog.

    I live over in Glastonbury, UK. This morning I had a big falling out with the guy I share a house with. There was a powerful and obvious flow that put us in the same house, and it turns out that all the times he was silent and unresponsive around me he was thinking “what a weirdo.” Our communication had been so bad that when the hospital strapped a full-time wifi transmitting blood pressure sensor to his mum’s arm I couldn’t say anything. He is literally not interested, even though he loves his mother. He writes lies on his website if it makes a new business seem “more professional”. I know, this is one kind of acceptable normality in this world. And yet, he is generous and caring in his way.

    Everything came up in a massive argument this morning. I will have to move out. I walked up Glastonbury Tor to get some air and (barefoot) Earth, with a heart still open and a breakdown happening in the rest of me, feeling guilty for my anger and reassuring my heart that it was safe.

    Trusting, lack of self-worth, energetic sensitivity, courage, living in the heart—reading about all of these things this morning from another highly sensitive male feels perfect today—thank you for taking the step to sharing so openly. There are (relatively) many people who are open to new ideas and solutions but so very few who’s life only makes sense as beings of total sensitivity (especially men).

    I am still learning to trust that I am supported and that somehow it is possible to live both authentically and safely. You have helped to show me that I am not alone.

    Bless you Brother Khi. May you truly thrive,
    much love, Tony

    1. Brian Kilpatrick

      Hi Tony, I replied back to your comment awhile ago, but now realize you may not have received it. I wanted to tell you that I appreciate your openness in sharing your feelings of what was or is going on in your life.

      Yes, it has been not easy being a sensitive in this world and having a consciousness that is aligned with the heart vs. the ego. Most live by their minds and causes so much suffering in the world of the Haves and Have not’s.

      I hope things have gotten better for you. I just moved away from Mt. Shasta and am in limbo right now, which makes it very challenging.

      Peace and Blessings to you my friend!


  6. Darrell Clarke

    Hi Brian,

    Subscribing to your blog for the first time. Very much enjoying reading your story and the journey you’ve been on!



    1. Brian Kilpatrick

      Hi Darrell,

      Thank you for subscribing to my blog and am happy that you have enjoyed reading about the life experiences I have gone through.

      Peace and Blessings to you my friend!


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