Acceptance of Every Moment

Acceptance of every moment manifests freedom of pain and suffering.  It is our human ego self who wants to control and judge our lives instead of surrendering it to our Higher God Selves.  The reason for this is because the collective consciousness of humanity, which we are all plugged into, has been programmed to believe we have to make things happen on our own vs. allowing and trusting that our Higher Selves know exactly what is best for us.  Also, the only reason why we judge our experiences is because of the duality matrix that we live in – good/bad, black/white, pretty/ugly, rich/poor.  If we raise our energetic frequencies of consciousness out of this duality matrix, then we see through different eyes and no longer judge any experience, ourselves or others, which creates acceptance of every moment – deep peace and bliss.

I personally have walked the path of not trusting God/Source/Creator completely, especially when it comes to having enough money for my every day needs.  When we have beliefs in our sub-conscious mind that we cannot fully trust, then those energetic frequencies will attract similar frequencies of lack of trust and viola we will manifest this in our reality.

Of course it is for us to state what our intentions are both verbally and written as this is very powerful to manifest what we feel in our hearts, but then it is for us to surrender all of this to God our higher selves and trust that what is best for us will manifest without much human effort.  If you look at the example of baking a cake, first you make the decision (intention) to bake a cake and then with action you bring all of the ingredients together and then place the cake in the oven.  If one keeps checking on the cake, the cake will not rise into what your intention was, which was to have a beautiful cake.

Same goes with most of our daily lives, if we keep asking or questioning “is this thing I want going to happen?”, this interference with the Universe of our doubts, worries and anxieties, will keep delaying it til we finally say, I am okay with whatever happens.   An example that comes to mind, is when a couple really wants a baby, they keep trying to have one, but the woman does not get pregnant.  Then they give up and end up adopting a child and down the road she gets pregnant without even trying.  When we take our attention off of what we would like to manifest, that is when it usually will happen.

I have had a long journey of asking many questions of “is this going to happen?”, “when is it going to happen?”, “will I be safe?” and the list goes on – you would think I would of learned to stop asking questions a long time ago since I had an awareness that this will interfere with what I wanted to manifest.  But see, my childhood was pretty turbulent and the little boy within learned at a very early age that you cannot trust others and have to do everything on your own.  So, this created an egoic structure of control, that in order for me to be safe and to create what I wanted, I had to do it for myself vs. surrendering all of it to my higher self.

Since I have been spiritually awake, I wondered from time to time why God did not protect me from being hurt so many times.  With time, I have realized that everything happened for higher reasons than I could of never known as a child.   I may still have a few lingering energies of doubt when it comes to being fully taken care of, especially if I am completely following what my heart is guiding me to do. This causes my human ego self to start that lovely mind chatter of the “What ifs?”  This is what keeps most humans from truly doing what their souls are guiding them to do.

One last example of letting go of dictating what I wanted and having it manifest without trying to make it happen.  First of all, I had recently made a phone call to a collection agency to see if I could negotiate a payoff amount for my student loan debt.  I had many signs that I was going to have a miracle of being able to manifest this and completely saying goodbye to the past.  I also had a few loved ones who were praying a lot for me.  So, when it did not manifest the way that I had expected, I felt that God did not come through for me, which stirred up a lot of that little boy who felt unsupported during my childhood and I just wanted to give up.

See, I have dedicated my life to complete surrender to God and the higher aspects of who I really am, which has not always been easy, as it is about not following mainstream society of having a 9-5 job and believing that if you have money saved that this will keep you safe and taken care of.  Our true security is having the awareness that it is God who gives us all that we require to have a happy fulfilled life and when we truly know this, then there is nothing to fear.

So, the next day I was working at the Pottery shop and felt like it may not be a great sales day as my overall energies were low.  I usually declare that I am going to have a great sales day and then not much happens.  So, without any effort this day and feeling defeated with the collection agency, this day turned into one of my highest sales days ever.  To me, I was being shown that if I let go of control and trust God/Higher Self to do the work, that what I want to happen will happen effortlessly.  Also, that I am abundant being of light and that lack and limitation is only a false belief that most of humanity has been programmed to believe.

I am being moved to stay focused on accepting every moment, day and experience just the way that it is and to trust fully that what is meant to happen will happen on its own without the “me” trying to control the outcome.  God and the Higher Divine aspects of who I really am, know exactly what it wants to manifest through me and it is for my human self to fully trust and leap into the unknown.


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