Brian Kilpatrick

MOUNT SHASTA, California

For a long time I lived my life through thinking because it was not safe to feel, or to be fully in the body. In my mid -30’s, I had a powerful spiritual awakening that changed my life in radical ways. I was guided to quit my 9-5 job and move to Sedona and later Mount Shasta. These power spots helped me to awaken to higher levels of consciousness, shifting me out of the old paradigm and into the new. Another pivotal experience on my path was when I traveled to Machu Picchu where I received a powerful energetic initiation which allowed me to reclaim a part of my soul. Many moments of feeling the depth of the Creator’s Love and Presence awakening from within and flowing into me, helped me to feel the fulfillment I had been seeking my whole life. 

I am a very down-to-earth person who feels vibrationally – Mother Earth, Tree Spirits, the Sun, the Water and the Eternal Presence of our True Self all around and within me. I have reached a level of Divine Neutrality  that allows me to respect where everyone is on their own personal journey.

Having first been attuned in all levels of Reiki, this opened up the pathway to surrender to higher levels of Creator Consciousness . These powerful Crystalline Frequencies of Healing Light and Love that come through me contain Sacred Geometry Codes and Activations to accelerate a person’s Ascension back into the oneness with God our True Self. This ignites the process of surrendering the rigidity of the logical thinking mind, and shifting more into the feminine heart, enabling one to truly feel life vs. thinking life. I assist others in freeing themselves of negative limiting beliefs, unhealthy emotions (fear, low self-worth, shame, guilt, anger, self-judgment, control, mistrust), trauma, grief, abuse (physical, sexual, emotional and mental), past life negative patterns, ancestral influences, and physical pain and disease that are keeping them from being the expansiveness of light they really are.

I understand and have great compassion for others who struggle to awaken or, have been awake but are challenged with the resistance of the ego/personality that doesn’t want to fully surrender. Today, the richness I feel within my heart and soul comes from the joy of helping others in their own awakening process and it fulfills my purpose of being here on earth.



Brian Kilpatrick

Mt. Shasta, California

(928) 300-6848

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