A Powerful Vortex of Energy is Located in Port Townsend, Washington



While I was working at a Pottery Shop in Sedona, this lovely couple came in and we had a strong connection with one another.  A year later, they returned and looked me up and invited me to come visit Port Townsend, WA where they live.  At first, I was very resistant due to the weather being not as warm and sunny as I prefer, but  I received inner guidance that I was meant to go.  I became aware before my visit to Port Townsend, that it had multiple vortex energy centers.

Perhaps it would be wise for me to first explain what a vortex is, after all I lived in Sedona for 10 1/2 years and use to take people out on the land for healing.

A vortex is a spiraling of either an upward flow or inward flow of energy; kind of like the funnel shape of a tornado or the spiraling of water down a drain.  Vortices are high energy spots located all over the world and are connected by invisible Ley lines.  Ley lines are similar to latitudinal and longitudinal lines forming a grid around the earth.  Many of the churches, government buildings, Masonic Lodges and spiritual landmarks, like the Pyramids in Egypt and Stonehenge were built based upon where the Ley lines are known to be.  This occurred because certain humans were aware that these areas sometimes are gateways or portals to other realms and dimensions.  These areas hold powerful energies of light that can help create what you want to manifest.

Some who are very left brain – analytical/logical will disagree about the vortices as they are not physically visible, nor can they be measured.  Vortices can be energetically felt if one is more in tune with their intuitive side of their brain.

There is much debate about whether Vortices are masculine and/or feminine energies.  To me, I feel that a vortex is either masculine or feminine and sometimes both.  It makes a lot of sense to me as our bodies are electromagnetic, which breaking this down, ends up being the masculine part of us is Electric and the feminine part of us is Magnetic. If you feel into this, what makes us humans create things into existence, is the masculine energy – an outward flow of energy and the feminine, which is the holder of space, supports the creation to occur – an inward flow of energy.  Human males tend to be more physically active and women tend to be the ones who go within to feel their intuition.  But let me clarify, we are all both the masculine and feminine and there are many women who are very masculine in their actions and many men who are very in touch with their feelings.

When I arrived in Port Townsend I had no idea of where any vortex of energy was.  One day I was walking on Lawrence street and stopped into a shop.  I connected with this lovely young woman when I asked her if she had ever heard about a vortex around town and if she knew where it was.  She said that several people would say that the vortex was uptown where she worked and told me that when she walked to work, she started to feel a state of bliss.  I then asked her if I could sit for a moment in the shop and I immediately started to feel electrical currents of energy coming up through the base of my feet and into my legs – and I felt wonderful.

To feel energy, usually one needs to quiet down the mind and sit or stand still.  Also, one has to shift more out of the logical side of the brain and into the intuitive feeling side.  I am here to tell others that if I can shift out of the thinking and into the feeling more, than it is possible for most to do the same.

So, I left the shop and proceeded up the sidewalk to a flower store where they had a couple of benches outside.  I sat for over an hour and immediately started feeling a huge amount of energy, more than in the previous shop.  During another visit to the same spot, I went into a state of bliss – my whole body was vibrating and I had a huge smile on my face.

I feel the vortex energy in Port Townsend is masculine – an upward force of energy.  It is an energy to create versus sitting in stillness.  With all the water and trees in this area, this feels to be the feminine part that holds space for the masculine part of us to create things – maybe that is why Port Townsend is home to many artists of all kinds.

For some this energy can be too much for them especially if one is rigid in their beliefs and behaviors and not flexible enough to be open to inner change.  One of the shopkeepers told me that a woman who owned a home in uptown Port Townsend, had said that she was selling her house due to the energies being too much for her.  Some will flourish with the energies, while others it will completely close them down.

On the planet at this time, we are receiving huge amounts of photon light coming into our reality to help us awaken our consciousness to higher ways of living.  Just like a vortex energy from Mother Earth, the energy from the heavens is getting to be too much for many people on this planet, which is causing much chaos and destruction.  The old world that many have grown accustomed to over the years is falling apart, polarities between dark and light are becoming more extreme, while a great hidden birth is happening within the consciousness of humanity.  The outer world is only a mirror of the inner world of the humans on this planet.  Everyone and everything is becoming transparent where no one can hide any longer.  The shadow self (ego) is having the light shine brightly on it within all of us, so that all of our wounds and illusions can be healed – making us truly free to live in higher states of consciousness.

Places where there are vortexes of energies can be areas to help us to heal our bodies, minds and souls, along with helping one to create new things.  When one receives a higher frequency of energy, the lower energies will start to dissolve back into its original state of health and balance.  Most disease is a build up of old emotions that were never expressed and released – now is the time to look within and see what yet needs to be healed and forgiven.  Port Townsend, WA is a place to receive healing and to awaken one’s creativity






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