A Mother’s Love

Pretty Mama

A mother’s love is the pureness of the feminine energy that we all have within ourselves.  Today is Mother’s Day and I am celebrating and honoring the feminine energy that lies within all humans, Mothers and Mother Earth herself.  I personally am including my own beloved Mother Nancy who is now the expansiveness of light and who showed me such pureness of love the last years of her physical life.  In addition, I would like to include Arlen who just passed away a couple of weeks ago who had lost her daughter, my friend, Terra last year – both kind and gentle souls who displayed the pureness of feminine love.

It is the feminine energy that is the pure love of being unconditional, flexible and fluid like the flowing water of a peaceful, gentle stream.  Of course for many humans, they tend to see the feminine of just being in women, but this softness, openess, warmth and love is also in all men.  Sometimes, we see a man who is more in touch with their feminine side than a woman, so today, I would like to honor and give appreciation for this pureness of love that lies within all of us.

When it comes to my mother, growing up she had closed down most of her feminine (heart) and was living in the rigidity of her own mind.  However, her last remaining years she opened herself up to the feminine part that she had denied for so long and gave me such unconditional love and just wanted to be with me from the pureness of her heart.  She still had a hard time expressing what she really felt in words, but that was her fear of becoming vulnerable.

It wasn’t til her last year, that I started to open my heart more to the richness of love that she was giving and displaying to me and others.  She would authentically say from time to time to the Nurses and CNA’S, I love you.  I could feel the innocence of child exuding from her heart center, especially when she would get all excited to receive ice cream or some other little thing.

One time, my mom went out to the casinos on a trip from the nursing home where she was living at and the two people who chaperone the residents said to me how touched they were by my mother’s reactions during their time there.  They had asked her if she had any money to play the slots and she pulled out only three dollars, but they said she wasn’t interested in gambling, that she was so mesmerized by all of the lights, sounds and people who were playing the machines.  Then they all got some food and when the waitress brought my mother her milk shake and french fries, she got so excited, like she had just won a million dollars.  What was touching their hearts was the innocence of child that my mother was displaying to them.

The pureness of the feminine is the pureness that a very young baby or child displays – it appreciates all of the small things in life.  That is why adults are usually attracted to babies as it represents and reminds us what we have usually forgotten within ourselves.

The feminine within us appreciates the beauty of the natural world all around us – the wide array of beautiful flowers of various colors, shapes and smells, birthing of a new born baby, the animal kingdom (the gentleness of deer, rabbits and birds), trees and our beloved Mother Earth.

I was speaking to my mother today and said that I really enjoyed transporting her from the wheelchair to my car as she had to put her arms around me and then we would have to do a little dance of the feet to back her into the passenger’s front seat.  I realized what was very touching to me during those times, was the vulnerability my mother showed as she was afraid that I may drop her, but she was trusting me to get her where she needed to sit without being able to see the passenger’s front seat.  This is all a representation of surrendering or letting go that is the biggest challenge of most humans when it comes to trusting God, the Higher Self of ourselves while we are still alive and when one is getting ready to physically transition.

To me, vulnerability is the feminine, where one becomes completely transparent to another and is open to being received in unconditional love.

After thousands of years living in the patriarchal, masculine rigidity, there is a huge awakening within humanity of the feminine.  More and more, people are starting to see themselves not as separate from one another and hearts are opening to lend a helping hand.  It is a gift to be vulnerable with another as this creates a deeper intimacy within ourselves and unlocks the door to pure unconditional love of the mother within all of us.


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