A Floating Orb Experience

Back in 2007 I was living in Sedona, Arizona when I experienced one of the most out of this world events in my every day life. Late one evening I was sitting on my couch watching something on the computer when my eyes caught this green light in the corner of the living room window.  I got up to see what it was and saw this large, luminous, vibrant orb floating down from the sky – it was an amazing experience.  When it came close to touching the ground, it disappeared – like a soap bubble.  I said out loud something like “Oh my God, are they coming to my apartment?” Back then I did not know what orbs were really about, just that I saw them in photographs.

My memory does not remember if it was that night or the next, but I got into my bed to go to sleep and then these three etheric spirits showed up floating in the upper left-hand side of my room.  Back then I was very fearful of many things, so I commanded “if you are not of the light, you must leave now!” – they then disappeared (but I feel they did not leave – just didn’t want to cause me any fear).

Then maybe it was the next night or later that week – I was lying down in my bed to go to sleep and low and behold this small floating golden orb entered my room and went into my heart center – I had no idea what the reason was for this and was more amazed of the experience than frightened.

Maybe it was a week later I started having Kundalini experiences and at the time, I did not know what Kundalini was.  This energy came over me where I felt like I had to lie down on the bed and then had all these electrical currents running up from feet to my head.  I was frightened as I did not know what this was all about, but intuitively I got it was for my highest good. It was a very intense experience as I could feel my body drying up and felt like I could just explode into a million pieces, but it had a blissful feeling to it.  These happened a number of times and I later found out it was burning up old negative emotions, experiences, beliefs to raise me to a higher frequency of light.

Not sure when I put two and two together, but I later realized they were my star family from another Universe and came to help me to awaken out of the physical illusion we all live in every day.

One of the ways I figured all of this out, was that I remembered when I was around 3 1/2 sleeping in a room with my two sisters when this etheric green woman showed up next to my bed.  I thought she had placed a leaf on my forehead back then as a child, but realized now she came in to turn off my third eye as she knew that I was going to go through a very traumatic experience and it was not necessary for me to remember this as a child.

That next morning I was adamant telling my mom, dad and sisters – they all thought I was just making it up or that it was just a dream. As many of us as children have had visitations from Angels, Star Beings and loved ones who have crossed over, the adults tend to make us believe it is pure nonsense.

A healing psychic a few years ago in Port Townsend, WA was facilitating a healing for me when they came in to help raise me to a higher frequency of light. She saw that they were green and where I come from and said that we are all individual energetic beings, but connected as one – radiating pure love.

So, maybe about a year ago during winter, I was feeling a little down as my car was not doing so well and when I came out in the morning the cold temperatures and dew made the top of my hood look like a galaxy of stars with one frozen leaf perfectly placed in the center – it brighten me up right away and felt blessed in that moment.

Just a few days before this happened I had placed a photo of this little child sleeping in bed with the cosmos above them on my facebook page.  Then, I had an impromptu healing from this woman who came into the shop I was working at and said she was being guided to do some healing on me. I said “yes” and during this process I felt all of this old energy of fear and sadness start coming up where I was crying in the middle of the shop. I had thought all of the childhood trauma had been released and healed, but sometimes a part of us doesn’t want to let it go.










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