A Belief is Subjective

A belief is subjective to a person’s past experiences of what they were told and what they experienced in their lives. So many people are walking around with beliefs that they are unaware of having or the affect they have on their lives.

We all have energetic bodies around our physical body, which many would call our Aura. One of these subtle bodies is called our mental body which holds every belief we have ever learned or absorbed from the people around us. All of these beliefs have certain frequencies and we are constantly sending these frequencies out, which attract and create our outer realities (lives).

So, is a belief always of absolute truth? I feel that most beliefs are only true based upon one’s own personal experiences. What one may feel is true at this moment, one may have an experience later on that changes that truth into being false. That is why it is beneficial to question what you believe or what others tell you no matter who they are. Your truth barometer is your heart – what you feel in your heart, not what you have learned from a book.

Most challenges one may have, physical, emotional and/or mental – have an underlying belief as the root cause of their pain and suffering. All of this can usually be cleared and healed, if one believes it can be.

As we keep moving forward this year, many will start to question what they believe and this is a gift as it unlocks the door to a higher state of consciousness. The higher one goes in consciousness the lighter one feels within their whole beingness.

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